7 Inspirational Movies and Documentaries

Most of you will probably have heard of the movie The Secret. I enjoyed The Secret when it came out, but I’m a bit tired of all the hype that came along with it. Luckily there are other movies and documentaries that are really inspiring. Here is my first list of 7 movies and documentaries. On my quest for more I came across many other features like the ones in this list and I will probably post some more lists like this one. Enjoy!

1. The Secret

If you have never seen The Secret, it is still worth a look. The Secret discusses the Law of Attraction and features famous authors like Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, John Gray and Neale Donald Walsch. The first edition (my favorite) featured Esther Hicks (Teachings of Abraham), but she didn’t agree with the way The Secret was marketed. If you’re lucky you can still order a used copy from Amazon.com. The new version can be found at TheSecret.tv or Amazon.com.

You can watch the trailer of The Secret below:

2. Leap! Movie

Filmmakers & Seminar Leaders, Ike Allen & Chad Cameron explore the ancient spiritual idea that our world is an illusion. As Leap! unfolds, you are taken on a cosmic adventure to the source of reality itself. Leap! features famous authors like Dan Millman, Gary Renard and Joe Vitale. You can order Leap! here.


3. The Quantum Revelation

The Quantum Revelation (also known as “A Quantum Leap!”) is a new movie from the makers of Leap!. It takes an in depth look at Leap! concepts specifically from the scientific point of view. You can order The Quantum Revelation here.


4. What the Bleep!? – Down the Rabbit Hole

This is the follow-up to What the Bleep Do We Know !?, but it is actually more of a remake. Academy Award® winner Marlee Matlin is Amanda, a photographer suddenly transported into a metaphysical world of quantum mechanics, odd science and mind-bending phenomena. Guided by the world’s top physicists, engineers, biologists and mystics, she tumbles down the rabbit hole and gets a first-hand look at the fascinating links between science and spirituality in our everyday lives. You can order What the Bleep!? – Down the Rabbit Hole here.


5. The Compass

In the tradition of The Secret, 24 of the world’s leading authorities on personal success have gathered for the first time to reveal the secrets to living a fulfilled life. The Compass features famous authors and experts like Brian Tracy, Bruce Lipton, Joe Vitale (it seems like he is featured in almost all these movies) and T. Harv Eker. You can find The Compass at TheCompass.tv or at Amazon.com.


6. Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

This is a great documentary about raw food. It is a bit like The Tapping Solution (see below) as it features common people who are trying to conquer issues (in this case diabetes) and are guided and coached by experts. You can order Simply Raw here. There you can also order Raw for Life if you would like more information about the raw food lifestyle.


7. The Tapping Solution

Last but not least, one of my favorite documentaries – The Tapping Solution. If you are a regular visitor to this blog, you have probably already heard of this amazing documentary. Common people with issues many are familiar with (grief, abuse, physical problems, and much more) are helped by EFT/Tapping experts like Carol Look and producer Nicholas Ortner. Also features Brad Yates, Bruce Lipton and (again) Joe Vitale. You can order The Tapping Solution here.



Like I said, I will probably follow this up with some more lists of inspirational movies and documentaries. Let me know your favorites, so that I can add them to a future list. Thanks!


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7 thoughts on “7 Inspirational Movies and Documentaries”

  1. The Rabbit Hole used to be my fave documentary but when I saw The Tapping Solution, I was just floored by it. Great movie, really inspiring.

    Just recently, I was able to get my free tapping eBook from their website. You have to read the book, too!

  2. Thanks for this great list of inspirational movies. I love the secret and what the bleep and I will try to find the leap and have a look at it. Thanks again.

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