Tapping for Abundance: The Secret of Intentional Wealth

I’ve told about Margaret Lynch’s The Secret of Intentional Wealth before in my blog post about Tapping for $50,000. Today I got an email from Margaret where she announces that you get her whole program for 50% off until midnight May, 27th.

What’s in The Secret of Intentional Wealth?

If you order The Secret of Intentional Wealth before midnight May, 27th you get five bonuses. Here are the bonuses mentioned in Margaret’s email:

* Bonus 1: June BOOTCAMP for Secret of Intentional Wealth –
5 live teleclasses $97 Value
Kick start your personal progress with Margaret!
Tapping away hardcore blocks, self sabotage and stuck-ness
AND committing to ACTION

******Integrates tapping with the Chakras and Profiles! ********

Wednesdays 12-1PM US EST, starts June 2, includes recording.

* Bonus 2: RhysMethod Profiles Foundational Class – $25 Value,
75 min audio recording.
Learn all 5 Profiles, only source of this teaching
outside Rhys Thomas Institute.

* Bonus 3: Tapping Through the RhysMethod Chakras – Chakra 1 – $25 Value
1+ hr audio recording.
Uncover and tap away the vows, conflicts and wounds around money
at the 1st Chakra level – your earliest money paradigm!

* Bonus 4: 5 bonus “Power Reframe” positive tapping rounds designed to
supercharge your vibration!

* Bonus 5: Two exclusive RhysMethod Crystal Bowl healing meditations, $25 value
Powerful Energy Medicine will shut off your mind and allow you to feel
your energy and vibration so you can manifest more effortlessly!

I’ve listened in on a few of her teleclasses and they are full of information you can use right away and furthermore, you can tap along with Margaret as you listen to these recordings.

More Videos
To give you a taste of what you can expect when you order The Secret of Intentional Wealth, here are a few more videos by Margaret Lynch on EFT/Tapping and Wealth.

Tapping for Income

Tapping Away Resistance

Take a look at The Secret of Intentional Wealth and have fun!


PS: click the link where it says “Click Here to Get Your Complete Copy For Half Off!”, to be sure that you get it for 50% off.

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