15 Tips for Eating Out As a Vegan

Where do vegans go when they’re eating out? Well, in some countries it’s easier to have vegan food in restaurants than in other countries. I’ve heard that there’s enough vegan food in India and that there are many vegan restaurants in Los Angeles. But what if vegan food is not easily found? Here are some ideas for lunch and dinner.


  1. Soup. Have vegetable soup, tomato soup, chick pea soup, or another soup. Always ask the waiter if the soup is vegetarian/vegan, to be sure!
  2. Salad. A healthy lunch which usually contains a lot of green leafy vegetables with calcium in them.
  3. Sandwich. Have a sandwich with hummus or something else vegan. The bread is not always vegan, so ask the waiter if you want to be sure.
  4. Focaccia or ciabatta. Want to have a quick lunch? A lot of bakeries sell focaccias or ciabattas, for example with tomato and olives, bell pepper, or walnuts and figs.
  5. Pasta. Pasta is often served vegan and can be eaten for lunch or for dinner.
  6. Sushi. Most sushi stands sell vegetarian or vegan sushi.
  7. French fries, veggie burger or falafel. Don’t eat fast food every day, but it can be nice to have some variation in your lunch.


  1. Vegan or vegetarian restaurants. At vegan restaurants there’s enough choice for vegans, so that would be the best choice. Vegetarian restaurants often serve dishes that are vegan or can be prepared vegan as well.
  2. Salad or soup. Have a vegan salad or vegan soup if you’re not very hungry.
  3. French fries, veggie burger or falafel. Don’t eat fast food every day, but it’s a good choice if you have little time or if there’s nothing else available.
  4. Italian restaurants. Have pasta or a vegetarian pizza without cheese. Read my article about eating vegan in Italy for more ideas.
  5. Indian restaurants. Think about nice vegan curries!
  6. Asian restaurants. Have vegetables, tofu and rice at a Thai restaurant, Indonesian restaurant or Chinese restaurant.
  7. North African restaurants. Falafel, hummus, tahin, couscous, etc.
  8. Other exotic restaurants. Try something else! I have had dinner at an East African restaurant and at a restaurant where food from Trinidad and Tobago is served. Both restaurants had a choice of nice and surprising vegan dishes.

You can also use these ideas if you’re going to eat out with friends who are not veggies!

And if you have any doubt if something is vegan, just ask the waiter for information.

If you have more suggestions, please share them in the comments.

Eet smakelijk (=Dutch for “Have a nice meal”)!


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